Best pubg Mobile Sensitivity On M416+6x Scope

Hello Guys, today I am going to tell you about the best sensitivity of pubg which will improve your gameplay. 1.M416 (Best Sensitivity For Pubg)(For ipad) Best Pubg Mobile Sensitivity: Camera 3rd person camera (free look)~ 200%Camera (free look)~ 135%1st person camera (free look)~ 95% 3rd person no scope~ 300%1st person no scope~300% Red Dot, … Read more

GPD WIN Max The Tiniest Gaming Laptop

The tiniest gaming laptop and console mixture you can find in the market The GPD WIN Max. So, let’s have a look at GPD Win Max together It has no flashy plastic design, no RGB lighting, no overclocking, and the performance isn’t excellently amazing. But make no mistake, the GPD Win Max arguably packs more … Read more