GPD WIN Max The Tiniest Gaming Laptop

The tiniest gaming laptop and console mixture you can find in the market The GPD WIN Max. So, let’s have a look at GPD Win Max together It has no flashy plastic design, no RGB lighting, no overclocking, and the performance isn’t excellently amazing. But make no mistake, the GPD Win Max arguably packs more … Read more

Intel launching its Intel Core i9 10900K.

Intel Core i9 10900K & i5 10600K everything you need to know. As you all know that Intel has spent the last five years on 14 nanometers and the thermals have been bad enough that deciding has been popular since the 7700K launched. They simply cannot compete with the laws of physics and certainly not … Read more

Antivirus software slowing your computer

Is new Antivirus software slowing your computers? Antivirus software is notorious for slowing down computers to the point where, without even thinking about it, it’s the first thing that I remove when I get a new system with, you know, McAfee or Norton pre-installed on it, but while anti-malware apps have grown in sophistication, along … Read more

The moon is going away from earth

Why is it that Moon moving away from us and earth’s rotation slowing down? Have you ever thought that what will happen if the moon goes away from earth or the earth stop rotating? There are many theories that say the moon is going away from us and what will happen if that happens. Seeing … Read more