‘Sikhs For Justice’ launches ‘Khalistan Food For All’ charity campaign, donates $10K to United Nations

New Delhi: The secessionist group “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) has launched a charity campaign to fund food programs run by the United Nations.

In a statement released on Friday (April 16), the organization said that it has started a “Khalistan Food For All” (KFFA) campaign under which it has donated $10K to “Food For Congo”.

The group said that the campaign has been launched on the 322nd birth year of Khalsa. It appealed the Sikh community to “save 27 million lives in Congo” by donating at their web portal www.KhalisanFood4All.charity.

“It is a historically proven fact that the region of Punjab currently occupied by India and its indigenous people have exponential potential to grow enough food and produce to cater the needs of peoples, nations and countries round the globe during famine and food crisis. However, currently under Indian occupation, the potential of the lands of Punjab and its people is being wasted, exploited and plundered by India,” said Co-founder of KFFA and General Counsel to SFJ Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in a statement.

“Hence, till the establishment of Khalistan, this NGO will work on performing the Khalistan’s guiding principle of ‘Food For All’,” added Pannun.

SFJ said that the campaign’s mission “is derived from the teachings of Sikhism and the ideology of Khalistan i.e. to help the follow human beings and nations of all religions, races and colors, during famine, hunger, food shortage and humanitarian crisis.”

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