Singapore is the safest country to be in during COVID-19 pandemic

New Delhi: Singapore is the safest place on earth to be in the times of COVID-19 pandemic.  

According to Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, which was launched last year in November to rank countries on the basis of how safe they are to stay in during Coronavirus, Singapore has beat New Zealand to emerge on the first spot.  

“A combination of nailing the virus and rolling out vaccines at one of the fastest rates in Asia saw Singapore top Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking this month, dethroning New Zealand for the first time in our measure of the best and worst places to be in the pandemic era,” read the report.  

Singapore has locally-transmitted cases down to near zero and has already administered vaccines equivalent to cover a fifth of its population, an aspect of pandemic control that other high performing countries like New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan are lagging on.  

“The top three—Singapore, New Zealand and Australia—are able to provide a pre-pandemic quality of life for their populations, with the exception of international travel, which is basically shut down to prevent the virus from slipping back in,” claims the report.   Out of the 53 countries that were ranked, India is placed at the 30th rank.   Argentina, Poland and Brazil are the worst performing countries.  

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