COVID-19 may become childhood disease over the years like common cold: Study

New Delhi: In the next few years, COVID-19 may act similarly to other common-cold diseases, affecting mostly young children who have not yet been immunised or exposed to the virus, according to new research. The following infection by SARS-CoV-2, there has been a clear sign of increasingly severe outcomes and fatality with age, Ottar Bjornstad, […]

3.4 million global COVID-19 cases reported last week, deaths and spread of variants on rise: WHO

New Delhi: After a steady decline last month, the number of novel coronavirus cases has risen sharply, there has been a spike of upto 12 per cent in the number of cases, while deaths and spread of variants was rampant, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a report on Wednesday. The world health body […]

घरों में बिना मास्क बातचीत से कोरोना वायरस के फैलने का खतरा अधिक: अध्ययन

Coronavirus more likely to spread indoors through maskless interaction: Study – घरों में बिना मास्क बातचीत से कोरोना वायरस के फैलने का खतरा अधिक: अध्ययन – India TV Hindi News […]

Indonesia’s Charge D’Affaires to India dies in Djakarta due to COVID-19

New Delhi: Indonesia’s Charge D’Affaires in India, Ferdy Nico Yohannes Piay, passed away at a hospital in Jakarta on Tuesday night, weeks after he was airlifted to his country after contracting COVID-19. Indonesian diplomat Sidharto Suryodipuro, who served in India as Indonesia’s ambassador, tweeted about Piay’s demise. “With sadness but also with profound gratitude of […]

WHO Chief calls India’s COVID situation ‘hugely concerning’

United Nations: India’s COVID-19 situation remains hugely concerning, with several states continuing to see a worrying number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday, warning that the pandemic’s second year will be “far more deadly” than the first for the world. Ghebreyesus added that the WHO is responding to […]

Pakistan imposes 10-day lockdown to control COVID-19 surge

Islamabad: In order to curb the rising number of coronavirus infections, authorities in Pakistan are imposing complete countrywide lockdown from May 8 for the next 10 days, Gulf News reported. The Pakistan government has already declared May 8 to 15 as Eid holidays and now there will be a complete ban on unnecessary movement of […]

COVID-19: Russia approves single-dose ‘Sputnik Light’ vaccine, effective against all new strains

Moscow: Russian developers of the Sputnik V vaccine on Thursday said that their single-dose Sputnik Light vaccine demonstrated 79.4 per cent efficacy against the COVID-19 and it has proven effective against all new strains of coronavirus. Sputnik Light is the first component (recombinant human adenovirus serotype number 26 (rAd26)) of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, […]

फ्रांस में पहली बार मिला Corona वायरस का ‘भारतीय स्ट्रेन’, तीन लोग संक्रमित

कॉन्सेप्ट इमेज. फ्रांसीसी स्वास्थ्य मंत्रालय ने बताया कि फ्रांस में कोरोना वायरस के ‘भारतीय प्रकार’ B.1.617 के पहले तीन मामले सामने आए हैं. ये सभी हाल ही में भारत (India) की यात्रा करके वापस लौटे हैं. इटली. फ्रांस (France) में कोरोना वायरस के ‘भारतीय प्रकार’ B.1.617 के पहले तीन मामले सामने आए हैं. फ्रांसीसी स्वास्थ्य […]

WHO ने कहा- अब तक 17 देशों में मिला Corona वायरस का ‘भारतीय स्ट्रेन’

कॉन्सेप्ट इमेज. कोरोना वायरस (Coronavirus) का ‘भारतीय प्रकार’ जिसे बी.1.617 के नाम से या ‘दो बार रूप परिवर्तित कर चुके प्रकार’ के तौर पर जाना जाता है, वह कम से कम 17 देशों (Countries) में पाया गया है. जेनेवा. कोरोना वायरस की इंडियन वेरिएंट (Indian Strain) दुनिया के दूसरे देशों में भी फैलने लगा है. […]

COVID-19 crisis: Help pours in from all over the world to support India

New Delhi: Three more countries–Russia, South Korea, and Canada have announced assistance to India to deal with the COVID crisis as supplies continue to pour in from different parts of the world including Singapore.  On Wednesday, Russian President Putin called Indian PM Modi and assured full support for India to deal with the covid crisis. […]

COVID-19 Indian variant found in Switzerland, says Health Authority

ZURICH: The first case of the Indian variant of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Switzerland, the Federal Office for Public Health (BAG) said, as other countries introduce travel bans to contain its spread. The case involved a passenger who arrived in Switzerland via a transit airport and not directly from India, which has been hit […]