Gender reveal party at Pyramids Of Giza goes wrong: YouTuber faces legal action

More often than not gender reveal parties are over the top and from being accused of causing raging forest fires to actual earthquakes it makes for some cringe content but they are a rage all the same. In this latest fiasco, a popular YouTuber has been slapped a legal notice for holding a gender reveal […]

After being stuck for 106 days, Ever Given container ship leaves Suez Canal

ISMAILIA, Egypt: The Ever Given, one of the world`s largest container ships, resumed its journey and left the Suez Canal on Wednesday, 106 days after becoming wedged across a southern section of the waterway for nearly a week and disrupting global trade. The Ever Given started to head north in the late morning across the […]

मिस्र में एक और भीषण रेल हादसा, 11 लोगों की मौत, 98 घायल

फोटो सौ. (CNN) मिस्र में रविवार को एक भीषण रेल (Train) हादसा हो गया. इसमें करीब 11 लोगों की मौत (Death) हो गई और 98 लोग घायल हो गए. काहिरा. मिस्र की राजधानी काहिरा में रविवार को एक रेलगाड़ी (Train) पटरी से उतर गई, जिससे कम से कम 11 लोगों की मौत (Death) हो गई […]

Egypt: Eleven dead, 98 injured after train derails near Cairo

CAIRO: Eleven people were killed and 98 injured on Sunday in a train accident in Egypt’s Qalioubia province north of Cairo, the health ministry said in a statement. The train was heading from Cairo to the Nile Delta city of Mansoura when four carriages derailed at 1:54 p.m. (1154 GMT), about 40 kms (25 miles) […]

Nearly 100 people injured after train derails in Egypt

CAIRO: Ninety-seven people were injured on Sunday when four train carriages derailed in Egypt`s Qalioubia province north of Cairo, the health ministry said in a statement. Two security sources and local media reported that several people had been killed in the accident, but there was no official confirmation. Officials did not respond immediately to requests […]