Trilateral cooperation between India, Israel, UAE to produce robotic solar cleaning technology

New Delhi: The Israeli embassy on Thursday (May 6) said a partnership has been initiated by the International Federation of Indo-Israel Chambers of Commerce (IFIICC) through which an Israel-based company is producing an innovative robotic solar technology in India for a landmark project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In a statement, the embassy said […]

After France, Spain detects 11 cases of COVID-19 variant first identified in India

Madrid: Spain’s health minister has confirmed that the European country has detected 11 cases of the new strain of the coronavirus first identified in India. Minister Carolina Darias said the cases were two separate outbreaks discovered by health officials in recent days. Earlier, France had confirmed three cases of Indian COVID-19 variants in the country. […]

USICOC Foundation ships 32 more ventilators to COVID-hit India

Houston: The US India Chamber of Commerce (USICOC) Foundation has shipped another 32 portable ventilators to help India battle the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation is likely to send a third shipment of 25 ventilators in addition to several oxygen concentrators in the next few days. The US India Chamber of […]

14 crew members of cargo ship from India to South Africa test positive for COVID-19

Johannesburg: Fourteen crew members of a cargo ship that sailed to Durban from India have tested positive for COVID-19, South Africa’s Transnet National Port Authority has said. A spokesperson from Transnet said the cause of a chief engineer’s death aboard the ship was a heart attack and not COVID-19. The 14 were among the entire […]

Britain hosts G7 summit, foreign ministers meet face-to-face amid COVID-19

London: Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven wealthy industrialized nations gathered Tuesday (May 4) in London for their first face-to-face meeting in more than two years, with the issue of whether to challenge or coax a surging China high on the agenda. Host nation Britain is keen to show that the rich countries’ club […]

India-UK sign Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement to boost work visas for Indian nationals

New Delhi: India and the United Kingdom on Tuesday (May 4, 2021) signed a ground-breaking partnership migration deal that will boost work visas for Indian nationals. The landmark agreement will allow young Indian and British nationals to work and live in each other’s countries and accelerate the removal of illegal migrants. India’s External Affairs Minister S […]

Australia sees negligible chance of jail for India travel restriction offenders

Sydney: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday (May 4) said it was “highly unlikely” travellers from COVID-ravaged India would face the maximum penalties of five years jail and a A$66,000 fine for breaking border rules as he faces pressure to overturn them. Australia last week banned all travellers from India, including its own citizens, […]

Maintenance issues delay US flights with COVID-19 aid to India

Washington: The United States Department of Defense has said that the final two flights of COVID-19 aid for India have been delayed and will reach at least until Wednesday (May 5). US Transportation Command on Monday (May 3) said that the delay is due to maintenance issues. This comes as India registered a slight dip […]

Covid: ऑस्ट्रलिया ने अपने नागरिकों के भारत से लौटने पर लगाई रोक, उल्लंघन पर 5 साल की जेल

Australia bans its citizens to return from India due to coronavirus ऑस्ट्रलिया ने अपने नागरिकों के भारत से लौटने पर लगाई रोक, उल्लंघन पर 5 साल की जेल या 66 हजार डॉलर का जुर्माना – India TV Hindi News […]

A look at the status of journalism on World Press Freedom Day

New Delhi: The World Press Freedom Day is observed on May 3 of every year and is marked to celebrate the freedom of the press. The World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the United Nation General Assembly in 1993. Every year, UNESCO organizes a conference to discuss the condition of press freedom worldwide with […]

India is one of our most important partners, says UK high commissioner Alex Ellis

New Delhi: Calling India a UK’s one of the most important partners, the United Kingdom’s high commissioner to India Alex Ellis has said that this is a moment to transform the relationship between the two countries.  While speaking to WION, Ellis also talked about the British assistance to India as it battles the COVID-19 pandemic. […]