Distinct Human Lineage: Researchers find 7200 yr old skeleton, new human group unknown to world discovered

Jakarta: Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 7,200-year-old skeleton from a female hunter-gatherer in Indonesia that has a “distinct human lineage” never found anywhere in the world, according to research published this week.The relatively intact fossil, which belonged to a teenager aged 17 or 18, was buried in the foetal position inside Leang Panninge, […]

Indonesian Army stops controversial ‘two-finger test’ to determine ‘virginity’ of female cadets

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Army has ended a controversial practice of virginity tests on women who apply to become cadets, according to its chief of staff, a move welcomed by activists who have long campaigned against it. “Two-finger tests”, where doctors check the hymen of female recruits to try to determine their virginity, was systematic, abusive […]

UK firm Biffa fined over Rs 15 crore for illegally exporting household waste to India and Indonesia

New Delhi: Biffa, a famous name on the United Kingdom’s bin collections’ list, has been fined over Rs 15 crore (£1.5 million) for illegally exporting household waste to India and Indonesia. The waste firm was penalised on Friday (July 30, 2021) for breaking export law which the judge called ‘reckless, bordering on deliberate’.  The Government […]

इंडोनेशिया में बच्चों पर कहर बरपा रहा Corona, एक सप्ताह के अंदर 100 से ज्यादा मासूमों की मौत

जकार्ता. कोरोना की तीसरी लहर को लेकर विशेषज्ञों ने एक बार फिर चेताया है. एक्सपर्ट्स का कहना है कि अभी भी कोरोना (Corona) को लेकर सुरक्षात्मक रवैया अपनाने की जरूरत है. उन्होंने कहा कि तीसरी लहर का सबसे ज्यादा असर बच्चों पर देखने को मिलेगा. ये बात इंडोनेशिया (Indonesia) में सच साबित भी हो रही […]

इंडोनेशिया में सबसे ज्यादा कोरोना केस, अमेरिका-भारत को छोड़ा पीछे

जकार्ता. दुनिया में कोरोना वायरस (Coronavirus case) के मामले लगातार बढ़ रहे हैं. दक्षिण पूर्वी एशियाई देश इंडोनेशिया (Indonesia) ने रविवार को कोरोना के नए संक्रमितों के मामले में पूरी दुनिया को पछाड़ दिया. पिछले 24 घंटे की बात करें, तो सबसे ज्यादा केस इंडोनेशिया में रिपोर्ट किए गए. यहां शनिवार को 45,416 लोगों में […]

दक्षिण एशिया में वायरस प्रकोप ने लिया विकराल रूप, मृत्यु दर नहीं ले रही थमने का नाम

HUL का शुद्ध मुनाफा 10.7 प्रतिशत बढ़कर 2,100 करोड़ रुपये, बिक्री 13 प्रतिशत बढ़ी अमेरिका ने भारत को बताया व्यापार के लिए ‘चुनौतीपूर्ण जगह’, नौकरशाही बाधाओं को कम करने का दिया सुझाव Aadhaar Card: आधार फ्रॉड से बचें! झटपट बनाएं वर्चुअल आईडी, नहीं अटकेगा कोई काम Source […]

24 dead, 31 missing after storm hits fishing ships in central Indonesia

Jakarta: Rescuers have found 24 bodies and kept searching for 31 other missing persons after 18 ships were hit by a storm in waters off West Kalimantan province in central Indonesia days ago, the top rescuer of the province said on Wednesday. The incident took place in Sambas district when two tug boats and fishing […]

Indonesia crosses Brazil in reporting highest daily Covid deaths number

Indonesia has surpassed Brazil in reporting the highest number of daily deaths due to covid-19 in a day. On Sunday, Indonesia reported 1093 fatalities and 44,721 Covid-19 cases. On July 17, 1092 people died in Indonesia while Brazil registered 862 deaths due to the deadly disease. Fuelled by the spread of the more virulent Delta […]

Indonesia urges no travel for Muslim festival as regions seek more vaccines

Indonesia`s religious minister called on Friday for people to pray at home during next week’s Islamic holiday to avoid the risk of spreading the coronavirus, as some regions complained of a lack of supplies of COVID-19 vaccines. Fuelled by the spread of the more virulent Delta variant, Indonesia has repeatedly reported record infections and COVID-19 […]

भारत को पीछे छोड़ एशिया में कोरोना का नया गढ़ बन रहा इंडोनेशिया

जकार्ता. भारत में पहली बार मिले कोरोना वायरस के डेल्‍टा वेरिएंट (Covid Delta Variant) ने अब इंडोनेशिया (Indonesia) में तबाही मचा रखी है. भारत को पीछे छोड़ते हुए इंडोनेशिया एशिया में कोरोना का नया गढ़ बन गया है. इंडोनेशिया में लगातार दो दिनों से कोरोना वायरस संक्रमण के आंकड़े 40 हजार को पार कर रहे […]

COVID-19 scare: Overwhelmed Indonesian coffin maker warns of increasing cases

Jakarta: At a workshop located in a Jakarta cemetery, coffin maker Olaskar Purba and his team are hard at work. They staple together boxes made of plywood and paint them brown. The coffins are then fitted with a lining and covered in plastic before being taken away for use. “Before the (coronavirus) cases spiked, we […]