UNICEF urges G7 countries to donate ’emergency’ supplies to vaccine-sharing scheme

Geneva: The head of UNICEF on Monday (May 17) asked G7 countries to donate supplies to the COVAX vaccine-sharing scheme as an emergency measure to address a severe shortfall caused by disruption to Indian vaccine exports. India has curbed exports of the AstraZeneca vaccine made by its Serum Institute, which had been pledged to COVAX, […]

Death toll in Kabul car bombing rises to 55, US and other countries condemn attack

Kabul: Explosions caused by a car bomb and mortars outside a school in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday (May 8) killed at least 55 people and wounded over 150, mostly female students, officials said, in an attack, President Ashraf Ghani blamed on Taliban insurgents. A senior security official told Reuters on condition of anonymity […]

This wave is almost four times the size of first, says UNICEF on deadly COVID-19 surge in India

New Delhi: The UNICEF on Friday (May 7, 2021) expressed that it is very concerned about the deadly daily surge in new COVID-19 cases in India and said that this wave is almost four times the size of the first wave. The UNICEF’s statement came on a day when India witnessed over 4 lakh new […]

भारत में Covid-19 की ‘भयानक’ स्थिति, हम सभी के लिए चेतावनी की घंटी होनी चाहिए: यूनीसेफ

Covid से अप्रैल में ऑटो ईंधन की मांग 20-25% घटने की संभावना, बिजली का औसत हाजिर मूल्य बढ़ा Covid-19 महामारी का सबसे बुरा असर आया सामने, 23 करोड़ भारतीयों को गरीबी में धकेला कोरोना मरीजों के लिए आई राहत की खबर, बजाज हेल्‍थकेयर ने पेश की कोविड-19 उपचार के […]