Viral video: Woman walks into US airport wearing just a bikini and face mask

MIAMI: In a bizarre incident, a woman was caught on camera walking into the Miami airport in the United States wearing just a bikini and a face mask.  The sight of an unidentified blonde woman strolling through the airport security left those present at the airport in a state of utter shock. In the video, […]

Watch: Pakistan minister cuts ribbon using his teeth as scissors fail, netizens left in splits

Rawalpindi (Pakistan): It’s common for ministers to inaugerate a store or an event, but this Pakistan minister decided to add a desi touch to the whole process – by using his teeth to cut the ribbons! Pakistani Prison minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, also the spokesperson for the Government of Punjab (Pakistan), was invited to inaugerate an […]

Storm interrupts weather report! Adorable dog steals spotlight on live stream, netizens love it – Watch

New Delhi: Watching the news is not just informative but has turned to be downright fun, at least for the ones who were tuned into Global News Toronto last Friday. The weekend weather report had the cutest interruption. As meteorologist Anthony Farnell stood in front of the green screen to deliver the forecast, he was […]

Scary! Girl’s head dangles from ceiling like in horror movies, here’s what happened next

A couple in China were left hysterical when they noticed an eerie “hairball” poking through the ceiling of their home similar to a scene from a horror movie. The duo from China’s Puding county in Guizhou province later realised it was their daughter who had stuck her head in a hole she found in on […]

Viral video: Famed Kerala Boat Race goes global, gets recreated in Canada- Watch

New Delhi: As a part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations to commemorate 75 years of India’s Independence, Malayalee community in Canada on Sunday (August 29, 2021) recreated the famed Kerala Boat Race at a lake.  The Professor’s Lake at Brampton in Canada on Sunday witnessed 21 teams including two teams of women participating in […]

Viral video: A leaf or an insect? Watch video to find out

New Delhi: A video of an insect known as Phyllium Giganteum will blow your mind. The video has gone crazily viral on social media. These insects resemble a leaf. It is difficult to differentiate between one from the other. The video was shared on Instagram account Science by Gulf has crossed over 1 million views. […]

Viral video: Owl receives a face massage from its human partner, reaction will uplift your mood

New Delhi: Looking for a video to uplift your mood today? Looking for something sweet to see? If yes, this video is for you. This video is of an owl and its human partner that will leave you in a changed mood and you’re gonna end the video with a big awww. This 1:13 minute […]

Viral: Melodious bird ‘Mushroom’ sings duet with Carter, leaves netizens impressed

Animals have always helped humans from time to time. Be it an elephant or a horse or even a tiny bird, it is no hidden fact that these wild creatures have always given that zest to homo sapiens. In one such video that has surfaced on Instagram, user Kevin Carter is seen jamming with a […]

Python slithers through spice aisle in supermarket, leaves shoppers shocked- Watch

New Delhi: In a hair-raising video, an uninvited guest astonished the shoppers at a supermarket in Sydney, Australia. The guest, a 3-meter non-venomous diamond python, was seen sticking out its head through a spice aisle in the supermarket.  The giant python was first noticed by a grocery shopper Helaina Alati, who was browsing through the […]

US cop, commuter scramble to save man who fell on subway tracks – Watch hair raising video

New Delhi: In an act of sheer bravery, a New York police officer and a commuter saved a man who fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx, USA. Both men saved the other passenger in the nick of time as the next train arrived.  The video shared by the New York City Police Department […]

Gender reveal party at Pyramids Of Giza goes wrong: YouTuber faces legal action

More often than not gender reveal parties are over the top and from being accused of causing raging forest fires to actual earthquakes it makes for some cringe content but they are a rage all the same. In this latest fiasco, a popular YouTuber has been slapped a legal notice for holding a gender reveal […]