World famous author Paulo Coehlo takes on Twitter to thank for picture of auto with his name on it

Kochi: If you are driving on Indian roads you can never get bored as you’ll find funny and quirky lines written behind trucks, autos and other vehicles. But one autorickshaw got international attention as it had the name of the world-famous Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho written on it. The autorickshaw from Kerala has ‘Paulo […]

Storm interrupts weather report! Adorable dog steals spotlight on live stream, netizens love it – Watch

New Delhi: Watching the news is not just informative but has turned to be downright fun, at least for the ones who were tuned into Global News Toronto last Friday. The weekend weather report had the cutest interruption. As meteorologist Anthony Farnell stood in front of the green screen to deliver the forecast, he was […]

Scary! Girl’s head dangles from ceiling like in horror movies, here’s what happened next

A couple in China were left hysterical when they noticed an eerie “hairball” poking through the ceiling of their home similar to a scene from a horror movie. The duo from China’s Puding county in Guizhou province later realised it was their daughter who had stuck her head in a hole she found in on […]

Shocking: T-shirts mocking tragic fall of Afghans from US aircraft put on sale online, sparks rage on internet

New Delhi: Images of a t-shirt print mocking the Afghan boys, who fell to their death from a US Air Force jet while trying to flee from Afghanistan, have gone viral on social media.  The insensitive printed tees feature a photo of US military aircraft and two people falling from it along with a caption […]

US cop, commuter scramble to save man who fell on subway tracks – Watch hair raising video

New Delhi: In an act of sheer bravery, a New York police officer and a commuter saved a man who fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx, USA. Both men saved the other passenger in the nick of time as the next train arrived.  The video shared by the New York City Police Department […]

Gender reveal party at Pyramids Of Giza goes wrong: YouTuber faces legal action

More often than not gender reveal parties are over the top and from being accused of causing raging forest fires to actual earthquakes it makes for some cringe content but they are a rage all the same. In this latest fiasco, a popular YouTuber has been slapped a legal notice for holding a gender reveal […]

Taliban militants have fun at Kabul Amusement Park, netizens call videos ‘surreal’ – Watch

New Delhi: A day after usurping power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has been making international headlines as the nation plunges into deep political crisis. Though the Taliban has maintained that that they want peaceful relations with other countries and would respect the rights of women as permitted by Islamic law.  In these videos the Taliban fighters […]

Dog helps woman push car through flooded Glasgow roads, watch AWWdorable video

New Delhi: Animals are capable of displaying emotions just like humans and this video of a dog helping his owner push a car in a flooded street proves just that. The clip was shared on Facebook by the woman featuring with her dog as the cute little hero lends a helpful paw to a passerby […]

Shocking: UK teenager left frozen after having ‘spiked drink’ at nightclub

New Delhi: ‘Never accept drinks from strangers’ – almost all of us have in some way or otherwise been warned about it by our elders. We have all heard incidents of women having their drinks spiked at nightclubs and parties so that predators can have their way with them.  In a chilling video shared by […]

17 people die as lightning strikes wedding party in Bangladesh

Dhaka: At least 17 people were killed and more than a dozen injured on Wednesday when lightning struck a wedding party on a boat in northwestern Bangladesh, officials said. The lightning hit as the boat reached the bank of the Padma river in Shibganj town as the wedding-goers made their way to the bride`s house, […]

Stunning! 3.5-feet-long Moonfish, weighing 45 kg washes up on Oregon beach – See pics

New Delhi: A colourful, giant fish weighing about 45 kilos washed up at a beach in US Oregon. It was identified as Opah fish which is commonly known as moonfish or redfin ocean pan. The 3.5-foot-long monster fish was found on Oregon’s sunshine beach last Wednesday surprising the locals, as the fish is rare to the […]